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How You Can Help
SPCAN is always in need of any possible assistance it can find. To help protect animals against cruelty, and in return to help the society itself, here are something you can do.

Be a Volunteer
You can help improve the conditions of the animals in our shelters by acting as a volunteer in your spare time. Volunteers do not need to commit themselves to a specific time, day or hours. We are in constant need of services of graphic designers, web designers, photographers, veterinarians, public relations specialists and animal lovers of all occupations. Volunteers can helps us clean the animals, helps us in administrative tasks and any little thing they think can help SPCAN fight for the cause.

Donate anything you can
Because SPCAN is a non-profit organization dedicated solely in protecting animals, we rely heavily on private monetary contributions. SPCAN is an all-volunteer organization, so all funds donated will go directly in operating our various programs and keeping up our animal shelter.  Please consider helping SPCAN in its fight to protect animals against cruelty. Donations like food grains(rice, dal vegitables and hay), medicines and anything possible. SPCA Nepal is also in constant need of transportations to pickup wounded animals and dogs for ABC from the streets.

Create Awareness
Tell others about SPCAN. Helps us promote animal rights and awareness against in human killings of animals. SPCAN is always in need of support from the society and the locals, which is only possible through promotion of awareness.
Donate supplies and used items
Items that are in constant demand include new or used veterinary equipment and supplies.  We also need heating pads, surgical gowns and scrubs and digital thermometers. Used mattress, utensils and anything you think would help SPCAN Shelter and its animals.

Support Animal Cause.
At SPCAN, we are not in competition with other animal welfare/environmental organizations.  Our sole concern is improving the lives of animals.  Explore how animals are affected by your daily actions, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the cosmetics you use and dispose. 

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