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Conditions of Animals
The condition of Animals in Nepal is very impoverished and pathetic. Many of the pet owners do not care or accept any responsibility towards their pets. They are poorly kept and often kicked out of their homes as they grow old. On the streets the conditions is even worse. A lot of stray dogs and cows can be visibly seen almost in every streets and square of Kathmandu. They are mangy, starving and sometimes dangerious. They are left to fend for themselves and roam freely on the streets. Their large numbers, live in extremely bad conditions. Many suffer from the agony of maggots, infected wounds, skin disorders, worms and parasites. Untreated wounds and accidents often result in the loss of limbs.


SPCAN has been operating in the valley to resolve these issues and to counter the growing number of street dogs on the streets. SPCAN has also been operating Animal Birth Control (ABC) Program and rescue programs, where it rescues injured or missed treated animals both from the streets and pet owners. These animals are then kept in the SPCAN Shelter and later released or offered for adoption.


We invite you to spend few moments exploring SPCAN website and their various programs in preventing cruelty to animals.


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