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Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals Nepal (SPCAN) was established in the beginning of 1990 as a non-profit Charitable Organization dedicated to eliminate sufferings meted out to the Animals and to promote the wellbeing of the Animals in Nepal.

This is the only active Organization in Nepal that fights animal cruelty and promotes animal welfare at all levels of society. It is trying its utmost to lessen the sufferings of animals specially the stray dogs, which are poisoned every year by the Municipalities in order to control its population and the small male calves hardly 2 months old discarded by the owners just because they are males and useless for them.

SPCAN is fighting for Animal Rights and for Animal Legislation which it has already forwarded to the Government and as in the Western countries, believes in Animal Birth Control Programme (ABC) to control the stray dog population instead of poisoning them and giving them a horrific death.

Though SPCAN was working for the welfare of the animals, it has increased its work in full fledged manner from the year 2001 by establishing its own Clinic and a Recovery and Rehabilitation Shelter.

The quality of veterinary care has improved in the country but there remains a general lack of knowledge on its potential among the general public. Most Nepalese people are against euthanasia in principle believing that it is not in the ultimate best spiritual interest of the animals. Therefore, people do not hesitate to ignore infected or severely injured dogs/calves on the street or in villages, except in the case of rabies where the suspected animal is often beaten to death. At the same time the Government has not developed appropriate policies to deal with the stray dogs problem and the Municipalities use poisoning as a futile means to try and control the population. All these factors have fed a complex and serious stray dog problem for Nepal resulting in continuous suffering for the animals trying to survive tough conditions in a homeless and loveless life.

In view of the above, SPCAN opened its own clinic and Shelter in 2000 wherein the sick and the injured animals such as cows, bulls, calves, dogs, cats, monkeys all are treated and given shelter until they completely recover and are ready for re-homing or re-location. But this was not enough since the Municipalities were killing the dogs by thousands each year, by poisoning which meant a long and torturous death for the innocent and helpless animals. Hence, SPCAN, being the only Animal Welfare Organisation in the country introduced Animal Birth Control (ABC) Program in the year 2003 and also has taken a leading role in the introduction of flank spaying in the country under its ABC Program.

In order to provide quick medical treatment to the stray animals, SPCAN also launches a 12 hour mobile on-the-spot treatment services (via the personal motorbike of the vet) and employing full time Veterinarian, technician, staffs and caretakers in its Clinic and Shelter. Its Recovery Shelter is unique in that it is the only place where injured and sick animals are treated and kept safe until they are ready for re-homing or re-location.

SPCAN is ever greatful to its consultant Vets
Dr. S.P. Gautam and Dr. N.P. Ghimire
for their free service and continued support to SPCAN and its animals.

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